Schloss Seebach and Felix-Burda-Park

The Seebach castle in Fessenbach was built as a stately two-storey palace in 1786 by the Austrian knight of Neuburg. 1840 it was owned by the Strasbourg Baron Lothar of Seebach. It was surrounded with vineyards and fruitGrowings .At the end of the 1950, Senator Dr. Franz Burda acquired the property, to storrage his own wine. 

Today the   castle is a ensemble with the „Felix-Burda-Park“ ,which is lying on Ortenbergs district. This park was built in memorial of the son of the publisher Dr.Franz Burda, called Felix, he died 2001. According to the will of the builder, the park wellcomes you to use it as a place of reflection and meditation.